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Status Update

After a grueling second half to 2012, my fledgling video production company is seeing a bit of light. We have a wonderful project filming some of Namibia’s extraordinary ordinary people and creating five minute episodes from the material. There will be twenty one episodes in the series.

Below is a link to the first episode. I will update future episodes as they become available on the web. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you.

Windhoek Lager Ambassadors


An Experiment

I have been thinking about this for a while now.
I tried various sites and tweets to see if I could find any volunteers to help me.
Though there were none, I find myself in a fortunate enough position to help myself.

For those who have not done so, you may want to check out a drabble called 4:47am I did on this Tuesday past for InMon.

Then check out:

Please let me know your thoughts.

Day Off

Every now and again I am reminded of the idiocracy we live in.
Today was a reminder day.
I feel disillusioned this evening and am not inspired to create.
I don’t really want to harp on. I don’t believe this is the place to do it.
Whenever I lose faith, I seek inspiration from those who let themselves go to the spirits of their true selves in the hope that one day I can do the same as them (and as fearlessly as they).
So I leave you with three music videos of the people who remind me that not everyone is ignorant; that there is hope for us.

Paulo Nutini – No Other Way

Damien Rice – I Remember

Radiohead – All I need (Live from the Basement)