The production we are currently working on is gaining momentum. We are slowly ticking off the episodes and the general look and feel of the project is coming together nicely. More importantly, we are meeting some of the most inspirational Namibians possible; ordinary folks doing extraordinary things. Their lives and their stories make for some very emotional filming and interviews. Due to the brevity of the shows, a lot of that meat lands on the cutting room floor. Nonetheless, we are very grateful to be a part of each of the participants lives for a day. They are so gracious about accepting us with our camera gear and lights and open their doors and hearts to us. That, above all, makes this a magical project.

Please head over to the link below (my company’s Facebook page) and take a look at these incredible stories. Let me know if they inspire you too…



1 thought on “Videos

  1. Team Oyeniyi

    Great news! I have news too – my book has been published. Stop by for the details, but by the sounds of it, you do not have time to read!


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