Endocrime – excerpt

Kay Camden, a regular reader of my blog asked yesterday if I’d post an excerpt from my NaNo piece. Because it was Kay who who asked, I’ll do it! Here is a short paragraph from Endocrime, the story of a man who may be going mad.


Though I want to pour another coffee, I decide to transcribe one more recording from the Doc. That way I can appease my conscience when I take a break. I reach for the computer’s mouse, guide the arrow on the screen to its target, then click on the file.
A woman’s voice comes through the speakers this time. I adjust the volume before restarting the recording, fingers hovering above the keyboard.

I don’t think I’ll be seeing you anymore, Doc. I don’t think you can help me. See, it’s all a lie. A conspiracy. You’re part of it. I know you’re going to deny it, so don’t even say anything. I prefer you don’t lie to me right now. That’ll just make me angrier. I’m not alone, Doc – if you even are a doctor – I’m not alone. There are thousands just like me out there. I’ve found them. They can help me. I’m not going to disclose any more about how I found them or where they are. I don’t trust you. But I trust them. We’ve been talking. They understand everything about me. They know. They’ve told me so many things that make sense of my so-called problem. They’ve told me about the master plan. Oh, yeah. Look at you. Poker face and all. Like you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. You fucking asshole. You’re not here to help me. You’re here to regain control. I’ve slipped through your little net and it’s time you reeled me in again. I know about you and the pharmacies and the government and your plans. Well guess what? You’re not going to control me. It’s a free country. I don’t have to see you or take those tablets you give me. Oh, you think I don’t know about those tablets? How they are designed to stop me from thinking? To stop me from seeing the truth? How they block the most important psychic functions of my brain? Well, fuck you and your little tablets. I’m not going to take them no more. No more, you hear me?


7 thoughts on “Endocrime – excerpt

  1. Team Oyeniyi

    Andrew, I’m sure you will forgive me for laughing. It is just that it reminded me of how I felt when I was fighting the government and it seemed OK to just “give Robyn another pill” rather than actually solve the bloody problem!!!!

    Great writing. Maybe the recorded voice is actually right!

  2. Kay Camden

    You sure know how to tempt us with those story questions. Is this the beginning or out of the middle? It would make a great prologue. I hear the voice as the opening to a movie, too. You’re lucky to have film as your background. It makes your writing three-dimensional.

    And I’m so glad I asked. 🙂

    1. Evelyn

      I never even thought of that,Kay.
      He does have that feel to it and it must be his film background.
      Thats fucking bitchin’!


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