Dynamite – Drabble for Friday Fictioneers

This is a drabble I wrote for Friday Fictioneers at Madison Woods.
I will be joining the madness called NaNoWrimo for November, so there will be changes in my bloggin habits for the month. I’ll post more about that on Monday. Hope you all have a super weekend.

Legend has it this is the same stick of dynamite Abel held in his hand the morning he stood before his father and declared, “With this power in my hand I will change the course of history today.” Abel’s father snorted and contorted his face, levelled his head and eyeballed the young man in front of him. Then slapped him hard enough to leave five red finger imprints as well as a palm print on the boy’s left cheek.
“Didn’t I teach you a damn thing?” the old man asked. “The greatest power in this world lies inside of you.”


7 thoughts on “Dynamite – Drabble for Friday Fictioneers

  1. Kay Camden

    Abel was considerate enough to rip off a paper towel to put under that stick of dynamite. Too bad his father didn’t notice that.

  2. Carol Deminski

    Scribbla, best of luck on NaNoWriMo! I’m sweating for everybody just thinking about it. I’ll stay tuned though, to see how you’re coming along and to give a cheer at the finish line!

  3. Madison Woods

    Ouch! But what a true statement. Thanks for joining us today. I will light a candle for all you NaNo participants … Good luck!


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