Dance Floor Ghosts

Photographer: Andrew Robson
Copyright: 2009

Dance Floor Ghosts
Thirty years ago
We danced on our wedding night.
It was the last time.


15 thoughts on “Dance Floor Ghosts

  1. the word bar

    So many marriages suffer that same fate..they “allow” the music to stop.
    lovely poem

  2. Lily White LeFevre

    The word “haunting” again comes to mind to describe how this makes me feel. Then I realized it would sound like a bad pun if I said it. Then i decided to say it anyway. It’s what the image, and the words, make me feel. Well done.

  3. Kay Camden

    Maybe they were just really bad dancers… they saw their dance on video the next day and made a pact: never again. And lived happily ever after.

  4. Evelyn

    I think these look like happy ghosts.
    But then, the haiku…lol
    Some ghosts make me feel safe. Others, not so much.

  5. Robin Hawke

    I have a feeling I know exactly what happened! Nothing dramatic, but the dance classes ended and the effort left…

    Great piece, Robin

  6. Janece

    Wow…such a powerful image and the words?? Definitely makes me wonder what happened. Did one of them die shortly after this? Both of them? Or was there another sort of death/ending…an emotional one.? Powerful stuff, Mister!

  7. valbrussell

    And we are left to wonder why it is they never danced. Did they just fall into the pattern and rut of daily life or did they die? The photograph is outstanding, the ghostly image in the center of the empty dance floor is disturbing and melancholy. You are so very talented you know.


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