Winter Sidewalk: The Buddha Rocks Project

Evelyn at Filling a Hole has a challenge called The Buddha Rocks Project.
The rules are basic. 7 days of posts inspired by 7 pictures taken by Eric who also has a blog over here: Bubba’s Place.
This is day 5.

Winter Sidewalk
I fell to the sidewalk;
It was cold and there was snow.
In the distance was a stop sign
But I had nowhere to go
After all that crazy talk
Your words still burned my mind.

Because in winter trees die
The birds fly away.
The birds aren’t smart.
That’s all I wanted to say.
They should fly and fly and fly.
Instead, you heard I wanted us to part.

I’ll need to find a summertime
Where trees are always green;
Where birds never leave;
Where words spoken are the ones you mean;
Where having nowhere to go is not a crime;
Where I meet a girl called Eve.


10 thoughts on “Winter Sidewalk: The Buddha Rocks Project

  1. Kay Camden

    “words spoken are the ones you mean”
    I think we can all relate to this. Especially since there are two points of possible failure–one in the speaker’s clarity of mind, and one in the listener’s clarity of perception.

  2. Eric

    This is one of my favorite winter shots. I’m glad you chose it – or it chose you – however it worked for you.

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  4. Madison Woods

    I was surprised by the last line, didn’t expect you to express wishing to meet someone else. Very nice imagery.

  5. Janece

    Breaking up is so hard to do…especially during the cold of winter 🙂 Great post!


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