Get a Grip: The Buddha Rocks Project

Evelyn at Filling a Hole has a challenge called The Buddha Rocks Project.
The rules are basic. 7 days of posts inspired by 7 pictures taken by Eric who also has a blog over here: Bubba’s Place.
This is day 4.

Get a Grip
It’s only a door handle, I tell myself. Get a grip. Haha. Ever the bloody comedian.
Silver. Metallic.
Easy now. You can do it, I coach myself. I remain paralysed, want to turn and scream Help! to the world, Help! I am spineless and unable to open this door.
I don’t though because I’m spineless.
Come on you prick, just grab the door handle. Perhaps a bit of self-belittling will do the trick. Loser. Wanker.
Fuck you too, pal, my spineless side retorts.
Yeah, always got a big mouth when you’re talking to yourself, eh? a third voice chimes in.
Okay, chill out everyone, a fourth voice of reason intervenes. Let’s be cool and figure out what it is we want here.
To try the door handle.
Oh, for the love of God, what I wouldn’t give for a cup of coffee.
I look at the door handle one last time, turn around and head for the diner at the end of the block to find some coffee.


7 thoughts on “Get a Grip: The Buddha Rocks Project

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  2. Evelyn

    This is a great picture, and previously a photo prompt he used on his only weekly photo meme.
    I love when photographs are so clean yet crisp, like super cold water.
    and I LOVE that there are four voices in this guy’s head.
    I WANT MORE of this. you never give me more when I demand it.
    Damn it.


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