Time Window: The Buddha Rocks Project

Evelyn at Filling a Hole has a challenge called The Buddha Rocks Project.
The rules are basic. 7 days of posts inspired by 7 pictures taken by Eric who also has a blog over here Bubba’s Place.
This is day 3.

Time Window

To look at it now
Through windows of memory?
Tilting at windmills.


8 thoughts on “Time Window: The Buddha Rocks Project

  1. Eric

    I took this photograph through the glass of an old blacksmith shop in Greenfield Village – the same blacksmith shop that appears in the photo I used in my wandsmith post, in fact. It’s neat to see how the old glass becomes rippled over time. Glass is fluid, just extremely slow. I like how you incorporated both the distortion of the glass and the windmill in your piece. Nicely done!

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  3. Evelyn

    wow, what a haiku…
    isnt it the variety of pictures mind-boggling?
    I am so loving seeing what everyone is attracted to…

    1. scribbla Post author

      Thanks. Yeah, I think you could do some psychological profiling based on what people are attracted… oh, never mind.


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