Market Crash in Autumn – Sunday Picture Press: Autumnal

After missing a week of Sunday Picture Press at Indigo Spider, I’m back at it again this week.
Here are the prompts: Sunday Picture Press: Autumnal
Below, is the picture prompt I chose and my piece, which is a drabble. Thanks Indy!

On Steps of Autumn by inDeevid (

Market Crash in Autumn
And the world burns cooler. And though rain is coming, things dry out and crumple-crouch tightly into themselves. Slow death by petrification. Fiery colours crackle underfoot, silken scarves protect our necks.
We sit wordlessly on a concrete park bench. We don’t need to wonder what happened to our lives, only to consider what we’ll do next.
A young couple with shared dreams and excuses passes us by. You chuckle, as do I. The wind stings my eyes. You cry next to me. I unglove one of my hands and place it on your knee.
“I love you too,” you say.


10 thoughts on “Market Crash in Autumn – Sunday Picture Press: Autumnal

  1. princessvonvoodoo

    Brilliant. Fucking brilliant. The picture is amazing, the words are amazing. I have appreciation for you sharing something I wish I had seen first hand. You can almost taste those colors and smell that rotten wet sweetness of the leaves. Moooooorrreeee!!

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  3. Mike

    A lovely piece of writing Andrew.
    You painted a wonderful picture of this elderly couple, wrapped up from the cold, watching the world go by and still in love.

  4. Madison Woods

    I agree with the commenters before me. Although it feels like something *really bad* just happened, I love that the two are together and not alone to face it, and that they both seem to appreciate the other.


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