An Alcoholic Mother – Voice Week Day 5

This is my final entry for Voice Week over at BeKindReWrite.
It has been a five-day writing challenge and you can check it out here: Voice Week HQ
I can recommend reading the work of other participants. There are plenty of fantastic writings and writers.
I really need to thank Stephanie once again for hosting this marvelous idea of hers. She has been tireless in sharing the links of the other writers throughout the week and has led the charge in enthusiasm.
I also want to thank everyone who read and commented on the voices I wrote during the challenge. I know a couple of them have been tough to stomach. Still, you have been inspirational and have also given me an incredible amount of insight into my own writing. Thank you.
At last, we have…


Her Voice
Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve heard voices.
They were always saying, ‘do this, do that, be more of this and less of that’. I couldn’t stand them, so I drank to get rid of them.
My lover came into my life one blustery day and left in a car wreck on a warm midsummer evening nineteen months later. His became the only voice I’d hear – such sweet honey. At the time, I’d been married for five years.
My husband hadn’t noticed I’d quit drinking. He wanted the divorce too badly. And I was only too happy to let him have it. It went through two days before that fucking car crash.
I’m ready to quit drinking now. The honey voice is finally silent after these long years.


12 thoughts on “An Alcoholic Mother – Voice Week Day 5

  1. otakufool

    This is too perfect! And somehow, I’m happy she found herself at last, though losing the voice is a little sad. GREAT job on this one 😀

  2. CameronRDLaird

    Just went through and read all five days. Awesome. Some really good perpectives. Keep it up! 🙂

  3. robinhawke

    Stops drinking to be with her love; stops drinking when she forgets her love. What a powerful idea to hang these voices on. Great job all week, Robin

  4. Mike

    Wow! A tremendous end to this series of tales Andrew.
    I’m ending the week liking this woman and understanding just why she was driven down the road of drink.
    Thanks for a great week of stories and also your really thoughtful comments.

  5. R.L.W.

    Awesome end to Voice Week. Love your storytelling. I really admire the relationship between X and his mom; more so than I thought I would on day one ;-).

  6. writingsprint

    It’s a shame, hearing a gentle voice here, and knowing how she wound up. It also makes me worried that while his honey voice has gone silent, will her other voices / guilt / childhood feelings come back to haunt her?

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  8. bekindrewrite

    I’m with Janece. I really feel for her. There’s something about this, and the very first piece–how her son loves his mom–that’s deeply beautiful. All those people in the middle–friend, grandmother, dad–supposed to be the ones who have it together, when really they don’t get it at all. Those three make the son and mom’s parts all the more powerful. I leave feeling certain that they’re both going to be okay–together.

    Genius. I want to cry.

  9. Janece

    TERRIFIC punch for this last voice! You’ve managed to make me feel great empathy and compassion for this woman, even though she broke her marriage vows. Knowing more about her husband from the last post, I feel even more contempt for him. And she’s decided to get sober again. Yay! 🙂


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