An Alcoholic Mother – Voice Week

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Stephanie at BeKindReWrite created a marvelous, five-day writing challenge. I was on the fence until this morning, when the challenge commenced. But now I’m in.
The challenge has its own blog over here: Voice Week HQ
There are some marvelous writers signed up to participate, so I’d highly recommend reading their work. Or, jump right in. It starts today!


Voice Of Son
‘Specially when I had friends over, man. Then she’d flirt with them and ply them with alcohol and prance around half naked pretending to do housework. As if she knew how. Who do you think wound up cleaning every day? She even refused to wear underwear in front of my friends. That’s some messed up stuff, man.
So what if he left. I didn’t wind up getting all weird because of it. Sure, I missed him. But screw him, man. He wasn’t going to mess up my life.
She’s going for help now. Yeah, of course I love her, man.


17 thoughts on “An Alcoholic Mother – Voice Week

  1. Team Oyeniyi

    You have a way of getting inside your characters’ skin that is unbelievable. I can’t think you’ve had all the experiences you write about (your not nearly old enough to have fitted them all in) so clearly this is your skill and abilities.

  2. otakufool

    I loved how this is like a conversation. I feel really bad for the kid though. Not wearing underwear is a little o_O great stuff 🙂

  3. annasayssmile

    Love this. I get the feeling that the character’s telling the story to someone, like he’s sitting in bar drinking and just shooting the shit with his friends. The conversational tone gives it a nice flow, makes you want to keep reading.

  4. Mike

    A great piece. Had me hooked with that great one word opener question that just hung there daring you not to want more ‘Embarrassing?’
    Here’s a guy whose mum embarrasses him to death but who he loves and wouldn’t abandon. Get the feeling he’s late teens early twenties.
    I loved the way you introduced the third character ‘So what if he left.” My first thought was hang on there who the hell is he, where did he come from? So you’ve got me wanting more already.
    A great read – thanks.

  5. Kay Camden

    I love what a firm grasp this narrator has despite what he lives with. This is the type of voice people love to read – a hero’s voice.

  6. Billie Jo Woods

    As usual, you have created a very strong voice with this character. I felt for them, perhaps because I had a friend in high school who could have been your narrator. I look forward to the other voices as well. Glad you joined in on this one, you ooze voice in your pieces.

  7. Janece

    Ah, that great dynamic of love and disgust, the tension between the two, when a person is dealing with a loved one with this disease. VERY good! Looking forward to more!

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  9. writingsprint

    I like the start, “Embarrassing?” Good, strong challenge to the reader. And it’s very messed up stuff. Even if he thinks he’s all right, it makes you wonder what others think. Nice!

  10. yikici

    Nice! A strong voice with a lot of attitude and emotinal angst. I sense the following voices will be just as interesting.


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