I was challenged on Twitter – not by one, not by two, but – by three readers of my blog (you know who you are) to post a self-portrait and haiku, even after I explained that to do so is creepy. You have been warned ;-).

Where did you go to
Once the picture was taken?
Come back. I need you.


9 thoughts on “Baconesque

  1. Find an Outlet

    Wow. The ability to summon the fierceness (or even just the mastery of your artistry whatever it may be) whenever it’s needed, not just when excess adrenaline pounds our veins, isn’t creepy—it’s a power we all wish we had. This haiku with this picture are so clean and honest and powerful it’s as if it was meant to be. And, I had to look up baconesque. Wow.

  2. Val

    Andrew, you haven’t been spending time with Jack Nicholson up at the shining hotel have you? 😉


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