The Third Wheel – Sunday Picture Press:Sixty Percent Off

It’s time for Sunday Picture Press: Sixty Percent Off. What a whacky bunch of prompts!!! Here’s mine:

The Third Wheel
“Cut a bit out. You know, the background stuff,” Niell said.
The doctor with the wispy gray hair raised a thick eyebrow. “Just how much is a bit?” He was clearly irritated.
“Ah, I’d say about sixty percent off,” Niell said. “So that we just see the couple.”
The doctor looked at the brain in the jar next to him. His eyes followed the cables leading from it to the computer on the desktop. Crude, but functional. With a few proficient swishes of his fingers across the giant screen in front of him, the background and scenery of the images disappeared. What was left was a series of snapshots, reminiscent of Muybridgean technique, of a couple dancing. In fact the man and the woman in the images were fashioned in a manner from that time.
“Happy?” the doctor asked.
Niell did not answer. He was enraptured by the sight of Molly and he dancing. He could smell coal and rose oil on her neck, feel the soft folds of her flesh press into his thin frame through both of their clothes, and know the exquisite pain of wanting.
“Hey, fellow. Is that what you want?” the doctor asked.
“Yes, yes,” Niell quipped.
“Is that you?” the doctor asked, incredulous. “But how could it be? This must be more than a century old?”
“No, that’s not me,” Niell lied. “It’s my father. We looked alike.”
“Ah,” said the doctor transferring the images to a small, rectangular device plugged in the computer. “But tell me, how did you acquire a brain that witnessed your mother and father dancing more than a hundred years ago? It’s in pristine condition, like its owner died just last week.”
“Cryogenic candidate,” Niell explained absently.
The doctor raised an eyebrow.
“Cost a fortune,” Niell winked.
“Here we go,” the doctor smiled while he handed Niell the memory drive.
“Thank you, kind Sir,” Niell said nodding to the briefcase at the door.
“What do I do with the brain?” the doctor asked as Niell turned to leave.
“Destroy it.”

“Detective Sparks?” the doctor spoke into the phone. “I think you should come over and check this out.” He was unable to take his eyes off the screen. “We have another one.”


10 thoughts on “The Third Wheel – Sunday Picture Press:Sixty Percent Off

  1. Kay Camden

    Another what? You’re killing us.
    This concept is nuts – that’s a good thing. I’m going to be pondering this one for a long time.

  2. Dave "Noobcake" Farmer

    Um, yeah, that cliffhanger NEEDS more! I love how you’re always able to pack so much into so little and still leave me wanting to know what happens next! Please say there’s going to be a next!

    1. scribbla Post author

      Thanks for reading and commenting Dave. The terrible twins above have twisted my arm, so there will be more.

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