Photographer – Andrew Robson
Copyright – 2008

you will always be
a rock in the mists of time
where my ship gets wrecked

18 thoughts on “Shipwreck

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  3. Kay Camden

    These words are to die for. You’ve outdone yourself with this one. The image I can’t believe is a real photograph. Too fantastic. And I can’t believe you’re just whipping this stuff out at us!!

    1. scribbla Post author

      Thank you Kay. You are such an appreciative readership here on WordPress that I’m truly inspired to give my best. You are definitely one of those people that drive me to improve.

    1. scribbla Post author

      I’m very, very pleased to know that. Thank you for making time to stop by – I always enjoy your feedback.

  4. Madison Woods

    Awesome. Both the words and the photo – I love it and the image will haunt me.


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