Untitled – IX

Model – Helga Schlenter
Photography – Andrew Robson
Copyright 2009

Untitled – IX
darkness can be a
heart-shaped hole into which we
fall to find ourselves


11 thoughts on “Untitled – IX

  1. Mike

    Tremendous poem Andrew – I thought the last line was fantastic, the idea of falling into a hole to find ourselves – great image.
    Love the photo as well.

    1. scribbla Post author

      Thanks. Yeah, I thought about trying to spin something apparently negative into a positive. Because it often turns out that way.

  2. Kay Camden

    Everything about this is beautiful. I wish I could come up with more to say…
    And is this woman always having such a good hair day? No fair.

    1. scribbla Post author

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Helga’s hair always looks like that. On this particular shoot we were hoping it wouldn’t look good, but didn’t know how to get it to look that way!

  3. Evelyn

    it can be heart shaped…
    the most painful, life changing darknesses…
    dark and light are essential to breathing, to air, to everything.
    I love the tumbling feeling this gives me.
    amazing photo.

  4. Madison Woods

    What excellent imagery and emotion in just a few lines. It both frightens and excites at the same time – adrenaline rush.


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