Double Helix – Short Story Part X

Double Helix continues. Would have like to have had 2 parts up tonight, but did not finish the second one in time.
In case you’d like to catch up:
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My phone rings. I do not move. The brunette and I watch each other. The ringtone is merciless. Elevator music.
A thought.
I dash to the window. Lyle, phone to his ear, and the squat guy both look up at me from the centre of the destroyed basketball court four storeys below.
“What the hell, Paul?” the brunette says from the closet door.
Lyle shrugs up at me. I give nothing back.
He knows. He raises a hand and taps the squat guy’s shoulder. Squat guy sneers at me.
“Get dressed,” I tell the brunette.
Lyle and the squat guy both sprint for the entrance to the apartment block.
I spin on my heels and run to the brunette. I grab her closest arm.
“Forget your clothes. Let’s go,” I say.
She punches me on the nose. I drop on my ass.
“What is wrong with you?” she asks.
“They’re coming for me,” I say. “I gotta move. I need you with me.”
I scramble to my feet.
“Wait,” the brunette says.
She disappears into the closet. Seconds later she returns with her handbag slung over her shoulder. Still wrapped in the blue towel, she follows me.
I pry open the apartment door. Peek through a thin crack. Nothing. I hold my breath. Listen. Their footsteps echo in the stairwell. I hear them grunt.
I swing the door open. The brunette and I enter the hallway.
We run.

5 thoughts on “Double Helix – Short Story Part X

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  3. Dave "Noobcake" Farmer

    Oh man this just gets better and better! I didn’t expect this twist at all! I thought the bad guys were going to be extremely unpleasant. I’m totally rooting for our hero now!


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