First Love’s Last Love – Sunday Picture Press: Twistless

What do you know. I thought I was going to attempt another inspired story for this week’s Sunday Picture Press at Indigo Spider, but lo and behold, I wound up writing a poem.
If you are into some good reads, please check out Indigo Spider’s site. Some of the hottest writers on WordPress are showcasing their amazing talent there weekly.

First Love’s Last Love
The choices, the choices
The voices
Of those who told me what to do
When I had no voice
And there was no you
There was only me
Not yet I
Under a tree
And an orange sky
How I wish to be alone again.
How I wish to be young again.
How I wish I had listened
To the voices
And made different choices.


18 thoughts on “First Love’s Last Love – Sunday Picture Press: Twistless

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  2. Dave "Noobcake" Farmer

    Nice piece indeed! And nice to see you write poetry too, like Indigo I don’t think I’ve seen you tackle a poem before, and tackled it you did! Makes you think about all those life changing paths taken or not taken and how they might have turned out differently.

  3. Evelyn

    The last three lines ….
    “How I wish I had listened
    To the voices
    And made different choices.”
    …caused a sharp inhale on my part.
    Its still so true to your style, Im excited to see this.

  4. Carl

    This is a wonderful piece. I saw that picture and I wondered who could tackle that without getting sappy – Who could do well with that? I forgot about you, my friend! Great take!

      1. Carl

        Oh, Evelyn, every week, I anxiously go to the post, hoping to be stricken with some brilliant inspiration, but the pictures are always too rich, and I am woefully lacking in the talent quotient.

            1. Evelyn

              Only one life.
              I have read you for almost a year, Carl.
              your stories are so unique, so Carl-flavored.
              I insist you do it. I will pay you a buck!
              come ON….

  5. Indigo Spider

    Beautiful. I don’t recall reading poetry from you before. This captures all those aches, those roads we wonder if she should have gone down. Oh, if only to recapture youth and make different choices.


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