Double Helix – Short Story Part IX

Double Helix continues and finishes up this week’s posts.
In case you’d like to catch up:
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I look at the dark haired flower with droplets of water on her shoulders.
“Why,” I ask, “does this entire fucking place smell of boiled vegetables?”
“What?” she asks.
“Never mind,” I say.
Stress does that to me. It makes me weird. Who is this woman? Why is she in my apartment? And where the hell is my furniture? I mean Paul’s, not mine.
“Paul? Are you okay?” she asks.
“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine,” I say.
“Where’ve you been?”
“I, uh. What are you doing here?”
“I’d missed you. I’d hoped I’d find you here.”
The brunette takes a step towards me. I notice her naked feet when they bump into my sneakers, but do not release my eyes from hers. Eyes the colours of rich soil and I am the rain, strained through the surface to the asphyxiating darkness below – she interrogates my being and offers nothing of herself in return.
Her arms move. I should be terrified, yet I am mesmerised in her embrace and thrilled by the way her lips yield as they collide with mine. Her tongue is warm and desperate and urges a response from me.
I am awkward.
“What is it?” she asks as she pulls back.
A string of saliva hangs between our mouths, connects us. We both suck at it. It swings like a drawbridge. I swat it away.
“I’m,” I start.
I realise I am breathless.
“Paul, what’s wrong?” the brunette asks.
She places the palms of her hands on my chest and nudges me backwards to see more of me.
“I don’t know,” I say.
“Where were you?”
“I don’t know.”
“For three months?”
“And where’s all your furniture?”
“I was hoping you could…”
There is a familiar tone to her voice. The one my step-mother used to interrogate me with.
“Paul? Who am I? What’s my name?”
I am a fish out of water.

18 thoughts on “Double Helix – Short Story Part IX

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  4. scribbla Post author

    Thank you for the feedback. I’m trying hard to keep the plot twisting without losing the reader or making it ridiculous. I think I’ll eventually lose it. But good to know you’re still in there!!!

  5. Mike

    Another great episode.
    Just when you think you are beginning to get a grip of what’s happening ………..!!
    A great read. Thanks

    1. scribbla Post author

      Thank you for that, Kay. I think I did about ten rewrites of that line. It really tripped me up, but I wanted to get it. I was proud with the end result. Thank you for noticing it.

  6. Dave "Noobcake" Farmer

    The naked feet thing is certainly something you’d notice from the corner of your eye, I don’t know why exactly but it’s so true! I’m now worried about her last questions, does she know who she is or is she asking who she thinks Paul the questions? Like a test? Next part please! Oh no, I don’t like the idea of what Moses is going to do next!

    1. scribbla Post author

      Hehehehe… glad to get you thinking. I was hoping to elicit those questions from readers, so thank you so much for the feedback. At least I know I’m on track.


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