Double Helix – Short Story Part II

This is the second part in the short story Double Helix. Please click on the link to check out Part I if you would like to.

We sit at my table. I pick at candle wax stuck to the linoleum tablecloth. Lyle and the squat guy, whose name is Moses, guffaw. Pricks.
“Thirty-three thousand, eight hundred and nineteen dollars,” I mumble.
They laugh and slap the table. Tears run. I pick at the candle wax.
“Yeah. How?”
“Try living without a job,” I say.
“Ah, spare us the social welfare boohoo,” Lyle says. “So you’re in a bit of a spot. Which bring us to us.”
I look up from the wax.
“Our employer, who wishes to remain anonymous, would like to offer you an employment opportunity,” Lyle says.
“Me?” I ask.
“Precisely,” the squat guy says.
“He wants you to find someone,” Lyle says. “In exchange, all of your debt will be taken care of and you will receive an additional fifteen grand.”
I laugh.
“Me?” I ask. “Are you sure you have the right person?”
Lyle lifts his index finger in a gesture to tell me to wait. He gets up and leaves the room. Squat guy, arms crossed, rocks in his chair. He looks at me, bemused.
I hear my apartment door shut. Lyle returns with a brown manila envelope. He hands it to me. I tear it open. There is a photograph of a man inside.
““You must be joking,” I say.
I do not understand. I glance at the squat guy. He smiles. I look at Lyle. He shrugs.
“I’m confused,” I say. “If your employer is looking for the man in the photograph, why would he ask me to find him? You guys already found him. That’s me.”

To Be Continued


21 thoughts on “Double Helix – Short Story Part II

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  8. Dave "Noobcake" Farmer

    Okay then, the suspense deepens! I quite like Squat guy, he seems curiously detached from the harsh reality of his “job” to the point where he can afford to take an interest in the smallest things. He seems quite amused by something, like he knows what’s coming and is enjoying the ride until the penny drops. In a way I’m glad my notifications got messed up because now I can head over to part 3 right now!

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  10. Kay Camden

    I’m also a sucker for cliffhangers. You write them quite well.
    I feel something off about the last line, like it should be internal monologue instead of dialogue. I don’t believe he’d say something like that, or that many words, out loud in this situation, unless he’s kind of a dope. He doesn’t strike me as a dope. And I’m sure they’ve already figured out the picture is of him. But I’m sure you’ve done this on purpose for some reason…

  11. chesshirecat

    Oh oh…I wouldn’t be so quick to admit the person in that photo was me! I hear ominous strains of music in the back ground, picking up ever so slightly in intensity as the plot begins to thicken. I know it’s not “UNRAVELING” or revealing a darn thing yet. It’s only adding to the intrigue of my querulous mind. It’s like watching the girl as she starts to open doors looking for the thing that’s making the scary noises in the house, the reader is silently screaming “Get out, just get OUT stupid!”
    Now, the question begs to be answered, is this gonna be a scary reveal? Or is it gonna be something that builds in crescendo only to reveal in laughter what the minds overactive sense of excitement will build it’s self to? God I love these cliff hangers! OH, maybe it’s gonna go somewhere else that will totally blow my mind? See, I am already looking for the direction your gonna take us! Very clever, my mind is racing all over looking for clues as to which way your taking me! I’m enjoying this very much. But, am I like the proverbial dog chasing it’s tail? Yes, I believe I am, and boy…I’m having a blast doing it! This is writers and readers participating in a dance of fine intrigue and suspense.

  12. Carl

    Yeah, I’m worried about his brain, but I’m more worried about my heart – It can’t wait for Part III.

    Your dialogue reflects an incredibly deep artistic sense. I have not seen such good dialogue since my last Hemingway read.

    1. scribbla Post author

      You are waaaaaaaay to kind, Carl. But I’ll take it 😉
      I’m really pleased to know that you enjoy the write. Thank you.

  13. Indigo Spider

    And the suspense circle becomes a double helix… write quickly, I need more!


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