Double Helix – Short Story Part I

“What the fuck, man?” I yank open the front door.
Two guys in running gear sweat in the hallway.
“Yo, Jerry. How you doing?” the sandy-haired one raises a hand to high-five me.
It is seven in the morning. The banging on the door came as I poured milk into my coffee, so even though I do not recognise either of them, I raise my hand to return the high-five.
Instead of a slap on my hand, I get punched in the nose. The pain is instant. As I stumble back into my apartment, the sandy-haired guy and his partner rush at me. One of them kicks the door shut on the way in while the other tackles me. I cannot see which it is because of the tears blurring my eyes. Hands like iron clasps flip me onto my stomach, bring my wrists together behind my back and zip cuff me. I kick out, miss. Get a slap on the back of my head.
“Don’t,” a voice says.
I lie still. Catch my breath. Shiver from the adrenaline rush.
Hands grab and roll me onto my back. The sandy-haired guy stands to my right. He strokes his moustache with his thumb and index finger. He watches me. The other guy – squat, balding, bottom jaw jutting – rises and walks away from us.
“You guys from the bank? You here for the apartment?” I ask. My nose hurts. I taste blood.
I run through the checklist. There is the furniture, car, insurance, clothing store, electrician, tax man. Too many.
“I’m unemployed, you know,” I say.
“We know.”
“Do I owe money?”
Suddenly I am afraid.
“Yo, Lyle. You want a coffee?” the squat guy’s voice comes from the kitchen.
“Yeah, sure,” Lyle yells back.
“I never remember – one or two sugars?”
“None, man. It’s none. That shit will mess your teeth up,” Lyle says, then shakes his head. He resumes stroking his moustache.
I try and figure out an escape plan and realise I will not make it.
“What do you want?” I ask.
The squat guy returns with a coffee mug in each hand.
“Your mind,” says Lyle as he reaches for the mug being offered.

To Be Continued

20 thoughts on “Double Helix – Short Story Part I

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  8. Dave "Noobcake" Farmer

    My notifications got messed up this last week so I’ve missed out on this! Exciting stuff indeed. Aside from the sudden scary nature of this story there’s something more sinister than what these two guys are doing, it’s their relaxed attitude toward discussing coffee and sugar, while the main character lies in fear. Good stuff, I’m off to read part 2.

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  11. Kay Camden

    I love their nonchalant just-another-day’s-work attitudes. That’s such a great juxtaposition for this. It adds a level of tension that is so important. I can’t wait to see how the title fits into this. You have such a way of leaving these little nuggets that keep the reader on edge and wanting more.

  12. Team Oyeniyi

    I’m intrigued. Certainly they couldn’t want his mind for brilliance – it sounds like he doesn’thave much – unless he is undercover.

    So they are thugs employed by a collector of minds? That has interesting prospects…………..

  13. Mike

    Great story.
    I love the way the simple use of dialogue creates such an intriguing picture. Then, at the end, the simple and casual response to the frightened, “What do you want?” …… “Your mind.” sets the scene for the next part – can’t wait.

  14. chesshirecat

    ouuoouuu, ooouuuuuoooo! I’m glad you stopped for a small break, I need to get my floor cushions, my blankie, and make sure my fuzzy slippers are close by so my toe-sies can hide in them when the going starts to get REALLY scary. I’ve put the popcorn in the microwave and I’m melting the butter to saturate the popcorn with. Loads of salt, a diet coke (real coke don’t taste “right” to me anymore.) OK, I’m ready…I’ve also dimmed the lights in my room. The lap top is the only source of light, I want to be sure the mood is just right! I hope we have a testy mystery night, I am such a fan of the twists of SCIBBLA!

  15. Indigo Spider

    Truly enjoyed this, can’t wait for next installment. Only one thing — the mustache stroking distracted me because I couldn’t help but think of the old time movie villain twirling his mustache! Haha, sorry, that was the only thing that distracted me but I have been watching some old movies, some silent movies, while recuperating so it is in my brain.

    You always tell a story that grabs you by the throat and leaves you wanting more. Fantastic.

  16. Evelyn

    Hurry back Scribbla…
    dont make me wait too long.
    makes me cranky!!!!
    ““Don’t,” a voice says.
    I lie still. Catch my breath. Shiver from the adrenaline rush.”
    holy SHIT thats good.


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