Apocalyptic – Snapshot in a Drabble

A pit bull terrier with an eye patch manically clawed the sides of the empty swimming pool. Its padded feet, covered in its own dried shit, thudded upon the scratched blue fibreglass. The animal had a frenzied look in its eye; its snout opened and closed to bark, but all that came out were rasps of phlegmy breath.
Dave cackled. The unbearable tension of the past eighteen hours needed nonsensical release.
“Shut the fuck up!” Henry shouted. He brandished his pistol.
Dave fell to the earth, still hysterical.
Henry holstered his gun and eyeballed the dog. They understood one another.


7 thoughts on “Apocalyptic – Snapshot in a Drabble

  1. scribbla Post author

    Mmmmmm. The dog. I promise no dogs were harmed during the writing of this piece. Actually, the dog is about to be rescued by Henry. They are soul mates – abandoned, broken and confused. They need each other. The world ended 18 hours ago.
    As always, I take responsibility for not writing with enough clarity, so thanks all for reading and commenting.

  2. Indigo Spider

    I’m with the other animal lovers, hard to read for the poor dog. Otherwise, couldn’t help but think they’ve been dipping in the drugs a bit much to have an 18 hr. stand-off! Yikes!

  3. Madison Woods

    It’s a terrible scene, scribbla, but you did a good job of portraying it. The animal lover in me has a hard time with it, though 😦


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