Something New Please

One of the changes to my blog will be to highlight my favourite bloggers here on WordPress.
Please check their work out and support them. They truly do deserve it.

I will start with the first blogger I subscribed to.
Hilarious, daring, whacky, intelligent, addictive and consistently brilliant.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is the genius of:


Where the heck does he get his ideas from?
Or the time to take those photographs each day?
Where does he get off calling himself SomethingNewPlease AND delivering?

Do yourself a favour – Click here now to activate the portal

– I was not co-erced or threatened or any of those things to promote the site mentioned above.
– If I had been bribed, I would have taken the money. But I wasn’t. So I didn’t. But I would. (Nudge-nudge, wink-wink)

13 thoughts on “Something New Please

  1. Carl

    Your choice was superb. There are not many sites like his. Every time I go there I know that I better not try to know what is going to happen because I never know what is going to happen and it is always good. 100% consistently good. Of course, those words go for you too!


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