Reinventing the Wheel

It started out with my committing overtime to a work project. Just a few days, I thought.
Six weeks or so later, here I am peeking out into the sunlight from a dark room called post-production.

Thank you so, so much for your support during my absence. I have been blown away by the incredible sense of community here on WordPress once again. I cannot wait to resume reading and interacting with your blogs.

I will be making changes to my blog. It will be in small increments. The original reasons for my creating this space have changed, largely due to the massive amount of encouragement and support I have received here for my writing. I never expected it.

I intend to focus my writing more regularly instead of bouncing around all over.
This means I will be looking for fun weekly writing challenges to participate in, like Indigo Spider’s Sunday Picture Challenge and InMon. I also want to dedicate a post each week to highlighting the blog of someone whose work I admire or who I just like.

Again, I don’t have a clear vision of where my blog is headed, but am taking small, positive steps away from where it was.
As in the past, it will be most delightful to have you along as a travel companion.

Thank you again for all of your support.


29 thoughts on “Reinventing the Wheel

    1. scribbla Post author

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I think that the project I have been working on will turn out really cool. It was a massive challenge, but I’m happy with the results so far.

  1. Team Oyeniyi

    I must have been ESP, because I thought of you yesterday – that I hadn’t seen a “daily Digest” email from your page! Then you popped up this morning! I think we both went kind of AWOL at the same time – but for different reasons! As you know! πŸ™‚ I’ve still been writing, but reading has been something I’ve been struggling to find time for.

    Welcome back!

    1. scribbla Post author

      Congratulations on your publishing company! I’ve checked out the site and am impressed. (Is that a pun, somehow?) I will definitely be participating in the challenge. Wooooooohoooooooo…

  2. Carl

    I liked where your blog was before, but I am sure whatever you change will be positive. I missed your posts, missed the inspirational nature of your creativity.

    1. scribbla Post author

      Thank you for your words of encouragement, Carl. They are very much appreciated from you. I’ll catch up with your fantastic writing shortly!

  3. Drew Lane Composer

    Ah, it’s good to see your face Scribbla! Was wondering where you had got to … been missing your comments and your blog. Enjoy your return – you have been missed!

    1. scribbla Post author

      Thanks Drew. I don’t know how you manage to juggle all the things you do. I am not that competent! One big job and I’m not able to do anything else. I will definitely be visiting your blog soon to catch up on all you’ve been up to.

  4. Madison Woods

    And so the Scribbla returns πŸ˜‰ Glad to see your post pop up on my subscription list. I’ve been wondering where you’d gone. Sounds like you’ve been busy!

    1. scribbla Post author

      Can’t wait to catch up with what you’ve been up to. Thanks for reading and commenting. See you on your site soon…

  5. Kay Camden

    Well it’s about time. My writing has suffered without you around as an example and as inspiration. I need you around for my own selfish reasons!

        1. Kay Camden

          Well I think I’d rather have a whole anyway. A whole what? Doesn’t matter. A whole doughnut? I’ll take it. Even in the heart.

          1. scribbla Post author

            A whole hole? Lol.
            That rhymes. Thanks for your support Carl, Evelyn and Kay. I definitely noticed that not being inspired by each of you in your own unique way definitely had an impact on my creativity too. What did I do for inspiration before WordPress and its incredibly talented community.

  6. Mike

    Glad to see you back Scribbla,
    The changes you’ve got planned for your blog sound interesting – looking forward to them.

      1. BlueSkyPoet

        I’m inspired by how you get and stay connected to all these people in the blogosphere. It’s not my strong point. So glad you found me out here. Looking forward to reading all your upcoming stuff and maybe we should do some more co-writing!


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