Castles Into the Sky

You set fire to the cabin. I was smoking a cigarette on the edge of the lake when a burst of orange streaked across the surface of the dark water and collided with the moon. I glanced up mid-drag to see your silhouette flickering in front of the enormous flames. You danced seductively on the grass we planted when we first moved in. An eternity ago. I casually exhaled the lung full of smoke and tossed the stub into the nearby water. It died with a terrible hiss.
The crackle of the wood burning carried the distance to where I stood. The air was icy. The sound would carry for miles out there, despite the denseness of the forest that surrounded us.
You were making a statement. They were out there in the dark, watching this spectacle. Watching you raise your middle finger at them. I had wished I knew what they thought while they observed you twist and twirl your body; beguiling the tongues of orange light licking at you.
I opened my mouth and listened intensely to the sounds around me. Nothing stirred, which only confirmed their presence. No living thing could stand to be near them.
When I looked back at the cabin, I was momentarily startled. You were gone. But your movement along the waterfront caught my eye. You never looked back. Not even once you had reached me. I had never known you so excited before. You had a cheeky smile I did not recognise. We hugged deeply. You kept hopping up and down on your toes as I pulled you closer in.
Saying nothing, we climbed into the canoe. I allowed myself a grin as I felt us cast adrift, free from the shore.

10 thoughts on “Castles Into the Sky

  1. Evelyn

    you are SUCH a tease.
    I DEMAND more of this.
    grumble…I have no power.
    love that its a canoe

    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      Imploring is always good. I promise to consider it.
      Love that you loved the canoe. It seemed the obvious choice. Why run straight into the danger, even if I’m writing a ‘horror’?
      Thanks for your words.

  2. Indigo Spider

    The description of the fire brought back a memory long forgotten from when I was a teen watching a bar burn down. Very visually clear.

  3. valbrussell

    Well Mr. Wes ‘scribbla Craven, this was chilling in the best sense of the word. 🙂


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