Bullied – Inspiration Monday X

This is my effort for this week’s

19 thoughts on “Bullied – Inspiration Monday X

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  2. fredibakercoaches

    What a powerful piece of writing. I found myself mesmerized, and curled inward, involuntarily feeling his pain. Wow! So many of us have been bullied at some time in our lives, maybe not physically, but abuse is abuse. The pain is still there to recall. And so is the awareness of the strength that is in us. Thank you for this.

  3. Mike

    Great use of this prompt.
    I felt for him as the blows rained down – I especially liked the description about the real pain he was feeling, “The other pain, the one inside never left me.” I think this must speak volumes about the hurt that victims of bullies have to endure. The physical pain they can endure, but the other is more consuming.
    And finally God seemed unconcerned.
    Thanks, I really enjoyed this.

  4. Team Oyeniyi

    Great writing. Bullying in schools has been a major topic over here of late, sadly, so your words had a particularly poignant ring to them.

    I’ve been following the local media coverage because here I am, about to have 4 children enter our education system and they are going to be “different” than there schoolmates. So I’m a bit worried, but I hope the kids are strong enough to come to us if they have any issues.

  5. bekindrewrite

    I have a hard time resisting telling you to quit everything you are doing right now, sequester yourself in a room with a computer and not come out until you have written a book. I know that reason and logic and, you know, bills are all against you doing that, but that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t have a hardcover bylined by Scribbla in my hands right now. It’s kind of tragic.

  6. jeremythurston

    Hey! i am sorry I have not commented lately, I’ve been away from the computer! Let me tell you that this piece, is about why I got kicked out of high school. I hated bullies. I hated them so much, that I was fighting them at every turn. In a way, it sort of made me a bully. At least thats how I feel. There’s another purpose for this post. I say it alot but it cant be said enough. You, debrah, and stephanie, are the biggest inspirations in the smallest ways. You inspire me to write. Stephanie commands me to write. And debrah gives me reasons to write, by telling me where I need to improve. Keep writing, and know that you’ve made a friend for life ;).

    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      Hi Jeremy – great to have you back. I think we all need to have a break from the intensity of the site every once in a while!
      Although this piece is not autobiographical, I can still relate to it in some way that you describe. I was bullied. I bullied. I think most folks have been on one or both sides of this controversial fence.
      Knowing that by writing I will have a friend for life, I have no choice but to keep writing. Your comments are always inspiring to me and I value them highly. Thanks for all of the effort you make to stop by and read and write on my blog.

  7. Find an Outlet

    Oh god, this is something I’ve thought about all my life, growing up with a name I hated. It’s SO not fair to the children of Mr. Woodcock or Pugh or Dick or Buttram or Grubb or Kuntz. F*ck family honor, think of your kids. And kids who grow up with those names and pass them along to their children are just as cruel.

    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      You make a great point about the parents of the kids having had to endure the same treatment. I never thought about that! Thanks for your wonderful insight.

  8. sparrowsong

    Wow. You’re able to pull out so many strong emotions in so few words. It’s also pretty awesome how you were able to tell the reader the protagonist’s surname without telling us what it actually is. Nice.


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