The Visitor – Drabble

I was lying in bed and I hear the clock tick. My eyes closed and me in a warm, comfortable space. Blanketed by unconsciousness. Floating. Sinking. A place of ecstasy.
Tick-tock. It was weird, because I thought the sound should irritate me. It didn’t. I focus on it. Try make each tick and tock unpredictable to myself. Try and slide in between the hammer and nail. Disappear into a space in which I know I can find myself.
Tick-tock. The sound gets softer, further away as I slide into nowhereness.
Suddenly I was wide awake.
I don’t own a clock.


12 thoughts on “The Visitor – Drabble

  1. Mike

    I thought this was great.
    There I was lulled into a trance with the gently tick tock of your words only to be rudely be brought back to life with that last, threatening line -“I don’t own a clock.”

    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      Thank you very much for taking time to visit my blog and to comment on this piece of writing. I take your words as high praise. Thank you.

  2. Find an Outlet

    He doesn’t say he’s lying in his own bed, just lying in bed, so he could be anywhere. Which of course is all the more mysterious and creepy. Well done as usual Scribbla.

    1. Team Oyeniyi

      Not at all creepy. Merely the morning after the night before – waking in a strange bed, the owner of which DOES own a clock!

      Hope he didn’t have to chew his arm off, as we say in Australia. 😛

  3. Indigo Spider

    My mind is running with the possibilities of what is actually ticking! Wonderful descriptions, had me lulling along with the sleeper until the shock at the end, perfect.


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