Poetry D2

—– I will be out of town Monday to Thursday to film. I doubt I will be able to upload any scribbles on those days, so have decided to put up some poems I wrote between 2002 and 2004. —

Satellite across the bar

No doubt is pay-per-view,

So we tune

To the advertising channel

While eternity, hidden,

Falls from my finger.

With poison in my blood

And a wallet full of desire

My death mask cracks a smile –

Tonight, I control the remote.

(12 July 2003)


The pear and the hourglass: both

Stare at each other,

And both of them see bitches.

(24 September 2003)

3 thoughts on “Poetry D2

  1. Kay Camden

    Oh my. Ditto what I said on the last post. If I’m ever on your continent, consider yourself stalked.
    I can understand why the hourglass is a bitch, but why the pear? A harmless piece of fruit? What did it ever do to the hourglass?

    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      Lol – I am honoured.
      In reference to your question – women are like that. They never seem to be satisfied with their own figure. And are particularly unhappy about the figure of others. Weird.


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