I’m Not Crazy – Drabble (Inspiration Monday)

I’m not crazy.
Just the other day she told me she couldn’t see me anymore. I wasn’t surprised. Her husband must’ve found out.
Nope, she says. Those men who always follow her finally got out of their black car and told her they’re watching her.
Who are they? I ask.
She doesn’t know.
What else they say? Why they following her?
That’s all they said. Maybe they think her husband’s a spy.
Is he?
Is she?
Now that black car’s following me. I’ll see her one last time. When you read about it, just remember, I’m not crazy.

Be Kind Rewrite’s Inspiration Monday

12 thoughts on “I’m Not Crazy – Drabble (Inspiration Monday)

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  2. mrasherkade

    Funny how we both wrote about being crazy and paranoid today….guess two great minds think alike….

    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      Hehehehe… it’s quite a normal state, so I guess it’s unusual for me not to be there. But I try to hide it while writing on the blog. Perhaps the new saying should be “Crazy minds think alike”. Hahahaha, I like that.

  3. Mike

    Amazing how such a short story can give you such a feeling of scariness and paranoia.
    Great piece of writing. Thanks.

  4. bekindrewrite

    I love this style of conversation, woven into the narrative instead of with quotes and dialogue tags. It makes it easier to hear the voice of the narrator.

    Is HE the spy??

    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      I agree. I should do a lot more of it, but am afraid that SomethingNewPlease might think that I’m copying him. And he’s the master at it anyway, so I’d just look 2nd rate. But I much prefer it too.

      And is he the spy???
      Great question. Mwhahahaha.

  5. Evelyn

    This leaves me paranoid with no resolution.
    like at the end of a horror movie and one evil monster survives, hidden so you know, the scary isnt REALLY over, it will repopulate the monsters will return!
    There is more scary after this.
    great story.


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