diving off the high board

Oh, it’s a freaky feeling to post on someone else’s blog. Let me pause a moment, and look around.  Take a breath.  Relax. Ahh.  Not so bad, really.

I am fascinated by the idea of putting things out to an unknown universe. A bit apprehensive, but that will pass. It always does.

I live in Santa Cruz, CA. I don’t know if most of the readers of this blog are in Africa, as is the blog owner, or if you are Americans, or scattered all around.  I like the fact I don’t know you. An audience of mysterious peers. As though something I wrote was actually published.

Last night for the dark moon, a gathering of women celebrated with a simple ritual. We were asked to bring a creative piece on the topic of women’s womb space. I wrote this poem.

When you say the womb
I think dark and wet and close
holding my own arms around me
floating and held by everything that is

When you say emerge
I feel a sudden pain
but without resistance I slide forth
to stand, dripping,
on the solid ground of some new existence

born from the darkness
that loved me
into the day and night of this world
and now
from some depth within me
my own life
birthing the sinews and bone of my desire
living a dream of my own


11 thoughts on “diving off the high board

  1. Mike

    What a great piece of writing – many thanks.
    I also think it’s a great idea being a guest on someone else’s blog & you did a great job.
    I love the idea of ‘an audience of mysterious peers’ – it is sometimes the unknown of who might read your writing that makes it so exciting.

  2. mrasherkade

    Will she be a regular here? I have thought of doing the same (co-authorship, et al) but am too nervous to do so…

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  4. BlueSkyPoet Post author

    thank you. Your words mean more than I can say. That you felt kinship with them, and with the process and expression of birth, is exactly what I hope for.

  5. screen_scribbla

    Thank you very much for taking the chance to put this poem out there on my blog space. Our blog space now. I find the subject poignant. Poetically so.
    I got goosebumps when I read the last line of your poem. It expresses a very powerful and mysterious process that any creative can relate to, regardless of gender. As a man, I give birth to my creative expressions each day, and I think you have touched beautifully on that process.


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