A Kingdom For My Brother – Drabble

“He has returned!” Jester shrieked in a fit of joy.
Dominic started from an afternoon nap in his chair.
Frederick, dressed in tattered uniform limped to before Dominic and knelt.
“Freddie! You’re back,” Dominic said.
“Indeed, sire.”
“You alone?”
“They died valiantly, my lord.”
“Indeed. What news?”
“Shaun says your feud upset your mother. He won’t kill you if you agree to a truce.”
Dominic lifted the crown and furiously scratched his head.
“Very well. I hate to think mother is distressed. Tell Shaun I’ll only come home if he promises never to cheat at poker again.”


10 thoughts on “A Kingdom For My Brother – Drabble

    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      I am ordinarily offended by the word cute, but in this case I take it as a great compliment. I was hoping it would have that flavour after all the doom and gloom on my blog.

  1. Mike

    A great drabble.
    I suppose it wont be the last bloody battle started over something quite insignificant. That’s history for us.

    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      Yeah – I wasn’t sure how it would come over, but thougth I should try to lighten it all up a bit. Thank you for reading and commenting. And I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  2. sparrowsong

    The whole time I was reading this, I could not get this skit out of my head. I’m not sure if you were going for levity, but that’s definitely what my brain brought to the table!

    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      Hahahaha… I’ve never seen any of his work before. That was on the mark! I was going for levity, so your brain brought the goods to the table. Thanks for the link, the read and the comment.

  3. Drew Lane Composer

    again, you find the twist in the tail! Very cool! I didn’t expect it at all. I love the fact that you can create for us one direction that we think we’re going down, and then in the last phrase or couple of words, you totally throw us into another path.


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