How I Lost My Brother (aka: The Beginning of My Insanity)

“There is something in the room,” I had said.
“Yeah, yeah. There is something in the room. Show yourself, demon!” Chris had mocked.
“Fuck you, Chris,” I’d told him.
I was twelve years old.
Excuse me? Who is Chris? Chris is my older brother. Was my older brother.
So anyway, me and Chris were alone in a cabin my parents had rented for the holiday. It was night time. Eightish, I guess. My parents weren’t there with us. Probably went for a fuck down at the lake, if I know them.
There wasn’t TV, radio, or electricity up at the cabin. Even the toilet was an outhouse, it was that basic. So me and Chris had decided to make a Ouija board during the day. He’d seen some horror film with his buddies, and there had been a Ouija board in it. He told me how cool it was, how this spirit, or whatever, was called up and gave the kids in the movie answers to questions nobody else knew. Chris had been thinking.
“Sean, I got it,” he told me when we were out playing in the woods by the cabin.
“Got what?” I asked.
“How we can make a gazillion dollars, dude.”
“Piss off, Chris.”
Chris was obsessed with making money but never wanted to work for it. He had crazy ideas every day about how he was going to get super rich, and of course, he’d babble on about them to me all incessantly.
“Fuck you, dickwad. You know that horror film I told you about?” Chris had asked. “And the Ouija board? Yeah, well I was thinking. Why don’t we make a Ouija board and then ask it who’s gonna win at the horse races? Then we bet on those horses and make a fortune. Or what stocks are gonna go through the roof, then buy some of those stocks and sell them when they get real expensive.”
I stopped walking and looked at Chris with admiration. It was the first good idea he’d ever had about getting rich.
But the problem with ideas that you think are really smart is that you think you own them and forget to ask why nobody before you has had them. We never asked why nobody else had used the Ouija board to play the horses.

14 thoughts on “How I Lost My Brother (aka: The Beginning of My Insanity)

  1. Mike

    Great piece of writing.
    Lot’s of potential for this just to be the beginning.
    I liked some of the unanswered questions – Chris is/was your brother? Did others try this money making idea – what happened to them?
    I particularly like your comment above, “The audience’s intelligence and ability to imagine needs to be respected. ” So true.
    I suppose in a way my ability to imagine has already taken me down my path of answering those questions.

  2. chesshirecat

    Best part about reading you? I love being able to put my own imaginative ending to your dialogs. Perfect!!! I can envision so many ways for this story to go!

    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      Thanks. I find this is important to me. Unlike several other creatives, I believe that your audience is part of a story, part of an experience, and that they should be involved. The audience’s intelligence and ability to imagine needs to be respected.

  3. BlueSkyPoet

    Can I ‘ave some more, please? No fair ending it like that. C’mon, do tell what happened to Chris. I must know. I will not be able to sleep until I know.


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