The Mayor of Grayton – Drabble

“You don’t just get up and leave Grayton,” Mayor Bennett chuckled.
“Never before, Sir,” said Charly, “has anyone from Grayton succeeded beyond our county borders. I will be the first so that the entire nation will know our name.”
“Let me rephrase that,” Mayor Bennett said putting down his whiskey glass. “You will not leave Grayton.”
“Excuse me, Sir?”
“No. Nobody ever has or ever will. What do you think will happen to our voter base if they knew they could succeed out there? C’mon, Son. I think it’s time we spoke about your future as the mayor of Grayton.”


6 thoughts on “The Mayor of Grayton – Drabble

    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      Thanks for the read and comment. I’m not sure I’m too good at these drabbles. But may improve with practice. Still, thanks for your encouragement.

  1. Mike

    A great short story.
    I could clearly see the Mayor, with his arm around the wide-eyed, enthusiastic, ambitious Charly and Charly’s look of understanding as he realised that his only dream would be to be the Mayor of Grayton.
    I echo the above comment – ‘good ‘n creepy’


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