Breaking Heart – Another Attempted Drabble

She understood the gravity of his words and was crushed.
“I’m sorry,” Mark whispered. “I didn’t mean it to come out like that.”
Shelly tried to smile. Instead, her bottom lip tremored. In that moment, her body betrayed her soul. Unable to hide her true feelings, she lost control. And because she had not managed to keep her pain hidden, she was suddenly exposed, naked. Tears formed in her eyes; how could love turn to hurt so quickly? How could a warm, fuzzy feeling ice over in moments? She ran out of the classroom to the sound of kids’ laughter.

21 thoughts on “Breaking Heart – Another Attempted Drabble

  1. bekindrewrite

    I think I hate you. But, in a good way.

    Your ability to write fragments of so many different stories – and yet make these fragments feel complete – and to suck me in every time, in so few words, continually amazes me.

    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      Lol – I’m glad that you hate me in a good way! Thanks for leaving your thoughts behind here. I’m very, very happy to know that you enjoy reading the fragments on this site. Thank you for letting me know.

    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      Thank you for stopping by. And for your feedback. I’m glad you went for the reread because the picture in your mind changed. I try to get that to happen, and hearing that it did really makes me feel like I got something right. Thanks for the insight.

  2. somethingnewplease

    I like this idea of drabble…. why haven’t I intentionally played with it yet?

    When I read she was crushed, my mind immediately pictured a crushed woman, like an empty soda can, laying on the pavement still talking to this fellow.

    The mind is a hell of a thing…


    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      Yeah, it would be cool to see what you come up with in drabble form. I’m sure it will be as fantastic as your other writing.
      Mmmmm… I can see how you took the crush image literally. My bad! I guess that no-gravity will be more effective at crushing though. The price of not editing.


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