Yellow Skirts, Bare Feet

Do you remember days of yellow skirts and bare feet?  I saw Murray the other day and he reminded me of it.  I had forgotten, but when he told those stories of his, I had a sudden flood of nostalgic cinamemory.  That is what I have decided to call moments when I remember things very strongly in a visual way and they play, uncontrollably, like a montage sequence in a film.  Or perhaps like a Eisensteinian montage in this case.  Like I said, I had forgotten about those days completely.  They were the best of my life, of course.  But what came shortly after between us is why I chose to block them out.  Murray told me you had moved to Australia to live for three years shortly after I left.  He said after you were gone, the remaining crew from the old neighbourhood knew it was the end of a golden era for Ridgemonton.  He also said that most of the old crew still lived there; that they were mostly the washed out, unemployable bums we always knew they would become.  He told me it was embarrassing to go into detail about any of their lives.  I felt embarrassed for having disappeared when I did.  They all looked up to me and I abandoned everyone when things started to fall apart.  Truth was I just could not deal with anyone or anything after us.  I was suffocating in my own self-pity.  And then Murray told me that he and you hooked up after you got back from Australia, and you were still together.

7 thoughts on “Yellow Skirts, Bare Feet

  1. Drew Lane Composer

    Hey mate – what impresses me is the variety of your writing – how you can shift between genres, personage, and topic and yet adapt your writing so effortlessly … Very cool! Keep up the good work! Drew

  2. somethingnewplease

    I agree with Sparrow – Cinamemory is a cool word combination. And very true, as cinema is usually fiction and most memories are as well (at least a little bit).


    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      Precisely – well, it’s certainly true in my case. I know that I cannot trust the truth of my memories because there is a large amount of embellishment that occurs to fill the blanks. And that I always feel I played a bigger role in an event than I probably did.

  3. sparrowsong

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I really needed it.

    I like cinamemory. That word makes so much sense.


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