Dark Clouds on the Horizon

“There was a time when we all moved like together like droplets of water in the ocean; when as one we danced with the cycle of nature. In days long since gone by, it didn’t matter if you lived or died so much as how you did it. But now, there is only fear. Fear to…”
“Listen, old man. Times have changed. We do things differently now. That don’t mean we’re scared.”
“Take it easy, Nakunda! Granddad, I have listened your stories of our history for years. It is true that there was always a great respect for the nature and our place in it. It is true that has changed. But I also remember your stories being filled with bloodshed.”
“In case you do not remember, bloodshed was always the result of those tribes who wanted to be aberrations. They were unnatural. What you propose goes against our local laws, our culture and, ultimately, against nature.”
“But if we do not stop them, where will it end? You yourself just said it does not matter if we die, but how we die.”
“Exactly, old man. You said it right, brother. I’m not the one afraid to die in battle. I’ll gladly go to the afterlife wading through a river of my enemies’ blood.”
“So say you now, Boy. Just you wait.”
“Grandfather. If we do not act, they will soon be upon us and we will no longer be. So we must choose; either we remain to fight or we must leave immediately.”
“No. I will go and speak to them. Come, Nakunda! We will walk fearlessly together into the camp of those you despise so much and we will share with them on this day.”


4 thoughts on “Dark Clouds on the Horizon

    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      Thank you very much for the read and for leaving a comment. I sincerely appreciate your effort. I will head over to your blog right away and read what you have written.

  1. Find an Outlet

    I sometimes have this conversation with myself about past and present and their respective pros and cons. When people say the old ways were better, they do not consider the cruelty and bloodshed. But, it doesn’t really matter because there is just as much, or more, bloodshed now but it is suffused in media spins or political correctness, the truth lost except to those fighting the battle.

    The reader hopes the enemy camp will welcome the chance to bypass bloodshed with interaction and goodwill. But I think we all know better.

    Very good.


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