An Office, a Lady and a Man

And so the two of them are the last people left in the office on a Friday evening. They’re trying to finish off the final detail so that on Monday morning it can all begin again, only on a different project. They both feel that beginnings are so much more exciting than endings, and they have been at this one thing for so long now that for them, it died of a heart attack days ago. She takes the paintbrush and whorls the hairy end in some bright red paint which she skilfully places on the paper in one confident swish. She turns to him; her eyes seek affirmation. Those eyes have told him so much about her in the past three weeks, communing with an intensity he had known previously, but only with lovers.
“Well,” she insists after he just stares at her.
“Masterful,” he replies. “You’re pretty.”
“I know,” she answers, holding his gaze.
“You’re so pretty that if I don’t kiss you soon, something deep inside of me is going to explode,” he says.
“I’d like to see that. I mean, I’d like to see something inside of you explode, that is. If you don’t mind,” she says.
Her answer doesn’t surprise him. So he thinks about it. And starts giggling.
“Okay,” he concedes. “Can I kiss you after you’ve seen that something explode?”
“No. It won’t work like that. If you know that I’m going to kiss you, you won’t explode,” she explains.
He thinks about it. She’s right. So he explodes anyway, and hopes for the best.


7 thoughts on “An Office, a Lady and a Man

  1. sparrowsong

    The act of painting is such a perfect backdrop for this. Playing with colors vs. playing with emotions. Such a great parallel.

    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      Thanks for the read and comment. Yes, I agree about the use of color, and I find the act of applying paint on a surface similar to emotions becoming etched into our being too.

  2. screen_scribbla Post author

    Dear Sung – Thanks for taking time to read my post and to comment (and like!!!)
    No, I never expand on the scribbles. They are my daily practice sessions and I don’t want to take the results seriously, or else I fear I won’t keep practicing. Essentially, I try and work on a single theme or aspect of writing for each scribble. Sometimes it has to do with the way people talk, other times specific scenarios, and at other times broader themes. So I may decide to work on Spaces. Or Dialogue. Or Relationship of Old Couple. Or, like today’s theme, Flirtation and Rejection.

  3. sungyim

    Love this one. The last line’s a nice kicker, and I like the way she teases him. Do you ever expand on these scribbles?


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