Castles Crumble in the Sky

Carl watched the plume of steam billow into an angry cloud from the stove behind Gina.
“What?” she snapped at him.
“The water’s boiling.”
She was so angry at him that it took her a moment to register what he had said. She turned to switch the hotplate off then placed both her hands on the edge of the stovetop.
“You could have said something earlier,” she said, her shoulders slumped.
“That’s not fair,” Carl replied, slighted at what she was insinuating. “I had no idea of the situation. Nobody let anything on. Christ, I’ve been walking into that office at seven in the morning and back out at seven in the evening for the last fifteen years. I was the hardest working son-of-a-bitch there! And this is the thanks I get?”
Gina turned to face him.
“You may have been the hardest working, but you obviously weren’t the smartest working, were you?” she smirks.
“What the… why’d you go say that now? Fuck, man. That’s not fair.”
“Oh come on, Carl. You’ve done nothing but bitch and moan for the past two years about how all the young guys get the biggest and best projects, how you feel so old and left behind by the changes in technology, how you can’t trust yourself with the customers anymore because the relationships have changed from person-driven to money-driven…”
They stood; silent.
“I’m sorry,” he told her.
“Me too,” Gina whispered as she turned back to the stove with tears streaming down her tired face. She needed to tell him about the divorce. She took a deep breath and gripped the handle of the frying pan.

3 thoughts on “Castles Crumble in the Sky

  1. Evelyn

    Im jealous at this part.
    “Carl replied, slighted at what she was insinuating.”
    this is a great “he said” sentence. I struggle with mine, everything is “he said” or “she stated”…
    again, I want more. more of this.
    is she gonna kill him with the frying pan??

  2. Find an Outlet

    Aw man. Many, many more tears ahead for both of them. Neither is superior to the other. He whines, she smirks. Redemption will be a long haul, and I don’t think I could accompany them on their journey.


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