Canary in a Coalmine

He entered the mall fifteen meters behind her. It was a Saturday morning and the place was packed out with vacant looking men, women and children of all ages, colour and religion moving from shop to shop looking for the Promised Land around the corner that never came. She wore a bright yellow mini, sneakers with pink socks that came to just above ankle-height and a white tee-shirt. Her walk was determined, but not hasty. Every now and again her shoulder length brown curls swept from one side to the other and he would glimpse her youthful profile; her narrow jaw, full lips and prominent nose. She had no idea she was being followed, so he picked up his pace and closed the gap between them. He got close enough to smell her body spray that transported him back to his own youth for a brief moment of dangerous reverie. He admired her naked legs while in Lala Land. Many young ladies had formless legs until a particular age when, suddenly, they would develop a personality. It was his belief that the day they formed that personality was the day that a girl truly became a woman. And this creature before him, judging by the personality of her legs, was a marvellous young woman indeed. A cellphone rang. Too late, he realised it was hers and she had stopped dead to fiddle with a little bag strapped around her neck that contained the phone. He crashed into her so hard that she was knocked to the ground and actually slid a few paces before recovering well, and wound up sitting on her ass on the floor. Had he glimpsed her panty? That flash of black under her mini? The idea excited him as he stood and watched her.
“What the fuuuuuuuuck?” she snarled up at him. He was startled at her hostility. And that she had now noticed him so obviously. Outed, he would have to change his plan. Fast.
“S-s-s-s-orry,” he stammered.


3 thoughts on “Canary in a Coalmine

  1. Evelyn

    wonder why he is following her…
    wonder who is on the phone…
    “Many young ladies had formless legs until a particular age when, suddenly, they would develop a personality.”
    ha! love this, about legs developing a personality. I would never have thought of this. I feel this is truly a man thing to know/notice this.


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