The Soul of the Desert

Shaun stopped walking. He slung his backpack off and put it on the ground covered by billions of stones the size of rock salt bought in fancy containers in health shops. Crunch. Shaun looked. And saw nothing but the plain of stones race to the horizon in every direction. He checked his watch. It was 4pm. He checked the angle of the sun. It was at around thirty degrees. He decided he would sleep here tonight. But before he settled in, he walked a little way from where his backpack lay and started to examine the ground. Satisfied that there was no evidence of their approach from the east, he examined the west side and found no evidence of their departure. He again looked at the horizon all around him. He saw nothing, no matter how hard he tried. There was not even a lone tree breaking the flatness anywhere. Shaun sat next to his backpack and unzipped the main compartment. He pulled his sleeping sheet out. It was as thin and shiny as foil. He lay it down next to him. Next, he took out a plastic container with tablets in. He popped the lid and swallowed a tablet. That was dinner taken care of. Finally, he took out another plastic container that looked like a cream jar. He unscrewed the lid and popped the teaspoon attached underneath, then scraped a spoonful of a honey substance and placed it in his mouth. He let go of the spoon and sucked the substance off it with closed eyes. Liquid gold. Where each spoonful would be transformed into two litres of ‘water’ inside of his body. Suddenly, a shadow flashed across his closed eyes. He snapped them open. He had forgotten to examine the air properly.


6 thoughts on “The Soul of the Desert

    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      I work for someone else. I’m trying to complete a couple of scripts so that I can create short films. I have finished one and would like to film it in the next few months.
      My biggest obstacle is that there is never enough time to do all that I want to. The company that I work for does a lot of corporate work and documentaries. They occupy a considerable part of my day as well as drain my creative energy. But the bills gotta be paid!!!
      As soon as I have something done (June?) I will post a link 🙂

    1. screen_scribbla Post author

      Having seen some of the photos of where you live posted on your blog, I’d guess parts of Arizona could make a perfect setting for this kind of tone.


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