What have I become?  Was I ever more, or is it a sickness of the mind, the ability to kid myself through a system of recall that I used to be more of a person?  Complacency.  The daily grind wearing down my spikes.  And obviously, fear.  I feel I have something to lose now.  Home, wife, kids, job – not necessarily in that order, but each with its own substantial worth.  That if I were to lose it, I would become less of a person for missing a construct of myself I’d spent so much time and energy creating.  Yep.  Devoted to myself.  To my I.  That is the reason for my fear and complacency.  Still, anger – sweet uncorruptable hot anger – is enough to drag me away from inaction.  Anger is the fishing line that drags me into the fight despite all logic and protestations.  And right now I’m on that line.  I’m being reeled in.  By you, sitting smugly up there on the stage in your tailor-cut suit, legs crossed like a proper gentleman.  It’s your turn at the podium next.  And have I got a little surprise for you.  Can you see it coming?  Can you see me sitting here amongst the hundreds?  Or are you blinded by the light up there?

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