I peek over the hedge to my property.  And see myself.  At the front door.  Taking my house keys from my pocket.  Unlock.  I reach for the handle, but Marie opens first from inside.  My wife.  Me.  What the hell?  I slump to the pavement.  Dizzy.  Fascinated.  Curious.  Confused.  I raise myself up and peek over the hedge again.  There I am, kissing my wife hi after a day’s work.  But how?  I am here.  An imposter.  Him or me?  My wife and I enter the house, close the door.  I slump to the pavement again.  I hold my sweaty palms to my head.  Think, think, think.  How did I get here?  Blank.  Okay, what’s the last thing I remember?  Lightning in my brain illuminating fragments of memory.  A car.  My car.  No.  Not my car.  Whose car?  I don’t know.  Smells like perfume.  A woman’s car?  Which woman?  Sniff deeper.  Think.  Remember?  Familiar.  Lightning.  Slam!  The front door.  My front door.  I peek over the hedge again.  There’s me heading to my car.  I get in, start it, drive away.  I get up and head through my front gate, up the path, to my front door.  I knock.  I’m going to find out what the hell is going on here.

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